Born in Fribourg, and now living in Geneva, Fabienne Radi is a university trained geographer. Under the tutelage of Catherine Queloz and Liliane Schneiter, she since qualified in critical, curatorial and cybernetic studies, and her writing often follows in the footsteps of Roland Barthes. She has published Cent Titres sans Sans Titre, Picket Fences, and Smacks with Boabooks. Her humour and texts often illuminate the art world by taking the mickey out of it – that is, by showing the equivalency of forms and statements; an example would be the differences between a publicity for a credit card which uses the codes of art, and the art of being given credit by publicity and advertising.

p.94 + p.117 08.12.2017
Fabienne Radi
2 posters (French + English) | 500 x 700 mm
Offset, First Edition | CHF 78 / $ 78

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