Izet Sheshivari has been making books since 2003. Primarily working as a graphic designer, he founded Boabooks in 2008 and The Liberated Page in 2012 to develop a practice of critical engagement with bookworks for our digital age.

Boabooks are high end, high quality, industrial and/or hand produced formats, which present a unique research process into the book form. They are created in collaboration with artists who are actively concerned with the renewal of contemporary bookworks, consistently taking a critical and experimental approach. Boabooks are a complex crossover of various different disciplines. Using a mix of contemporary and traditional printing techniques, they open up countless possibilities for all stages of the book format’s conception and production. Every Boabooks project develops as a new story, engaging with the artist’s personal expression of their understanding of printed matter and opening up dialogue between questions of content and form. 
Once created, each book takes on its own identity, referring the reader to countless disciplines, experiences, subjects and themes. Going beyond such postmodernist conceptions of the book format however, Boabooks exists as a distinctive diving board for critical thinking.

For wholesale and press inquiries or if you are working in a bookshop or a public library please contact us by mail or phone. Write by email to: info [at] boabooks [dot] com.

Boabooks – rue Royaume 12
1201 Geneva – Switzerland
+41 22 340 54 07